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Cargo Management System

Jeremy Connell

Blacksburg, VA

Standard truck beds lack the ability to secure loose items easily. The Cargo Management System design employs various methods in order to increase functionality while maintaining normal truck bed usage. The platform has a maximum height of 2", allowing for an ultra-low profile while the rails are not in use. Four lateral adjustments mate with the sidewalls of the truck bed. This feature allows for application in trucks with different bed sizes. The rail gutters are slightly raised off the platform surface to mimic the standard truck bed and simultaneously limit lateral motions of items placed within the rails.

ImageTo reduce rubbing between the unprotected truck bed and the platform, six wheels are placed on the bottom of the platform and serve two purposes. The main function is to limit the points of contact between the truck surface and the platform, and the second is to ease in the placement and removal of the platform into and out of the truck bed.

The storage container rolls along the two outermost rails with the implementation of two wheels on both sides and four locking pins. The grips located on both sides of the container house the mechanism, which operates the locking pins. As for the container itself, it is split in a 60/40 configuration, with the smaller of the two potentially being insulated. The voids in the bottom of the container allow for the interior platform rails to be used in conjunction with the box. This feature allows the option to divide the contents within the containers.

The rails and container can be used together in order to secure items against either the cab or the tailgate. The box can be removed completely for use of the entire width of the truck bed. The grips on the rails create a non-slip surface when objects are placed on top of the arms, and also work when the rails are up. Tie-down cleats are integrated into the rails for using bungee cords with the system. Materials include extruded aluminum, elastomers, and HDPE.

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