As a result, manufacturers are able to get their designs done easier, and get their products to market faster. According to an independent study by the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class manufacturers use Digital Prototyping to build half the number of physical prototypes as the average manufacturer, get to market 58 days faster than average, experience 48 percent lower prototyping costs, and ultimately drive greater innovation in their products.

Some of the fruits of innovation that Digital Prototyping enables can be seen on display in Autodesk’s recently opened Customer Briefing Center in Lake Oswego, OR. This state-of-the-art interactive facility provides a showcase for innovative customer work, from a wheelchair that is improving the quality of life for its users, to one of the world’s most advanced remote-controlled demolition robot arms.

These interactive exhibits educate and inspire in two important ways. First, they encourage Autodesk to continue providing the most advanced Digital Prototyping technology available. Just as importantly, they show customers in the automotive, consumer product, and industrial machinery markets the levels of innovation that they can now reach with Digital Prototyping.

For more information on Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping, click here.

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