Product of the Month: Fiber-Coupled Solid State Laser

altPoint Source (Hamble, UK) introduces the iFLEX-Mustang, a fiber-coupled solid-state laser with on-board modulation. Using single-mode and polarization preserving fiber, the iFLEX-Mustang delivers 25mW of power with a polarization extinction ratio of greater than 100:1. With an operating wavelength of 488 or 561nm and output power (from the fiber) of 25mW, the Mustang is ideal for use in bio-medical instrumentation and specialized semiconductor metrology. The unit’s power can be modulated at up to 2MHz, with a rise and fall time of 150ns and a dynamic range of 30dB. The Mustang is stable to better than 2% over four hours, and has noise of less than 0.3% over the frequency range 20Hz to 2MHz. A detachable fiber is included, simplifying installation and field servicing.

For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/15130-205

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