High-Speed Video Camera

The i-SPEED 3 high-speed video camera from Olympus, Orangeburg, NY, combines high image quality, portability, and speed. The high image quality is derived from a 1280 × 1024 resolution sensor. It features a Controller Display Unit (CDU), which eliminates the need to connect to a PC for operation. A GigE port and CDU connection are available for applications that do require a PC connection. An integral battery provides 45 minutes of unsupported operation, either as a battery back-up or dedicated power supply.

altThe camera is constructed from a solid aluminum chassis. Full sensor resolution is available up to 2,000 frames per second. Higher speeds of up to 150,000 fps are possible with windowed resolution. The cameras feature the iCHEQ™ and iFOCUS™ systems, as well as video triggering and programmable user settings.

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