Heavy-Duty Slide

The HepcoMotion HDS2 from Bishop-Wisecarver (Pittsburg, CA), offers system capacities up to 68kN, and adds new bearing sizes including a 150mm diameter vee bearing and a 144mm diameter taper roller bearing. Maximum single bearing capacity is 50kN, compared to 20kN previously. Low friction cap wipers expel dirt and debris, and provide continuous lubrication for long service life. A removable cover allows easy system adjustment without disassembly.

altSlides and tracks are available in single-piece construction up to 4 meters long, and are supplied in single or double-edge format in V slides or flat tracks. The V slides have a simple alignment facility to achieve parallelism, while the flat tracks overcome the need to align two slides precisely parallel.

Construction beams with multiple slide and track mounting options add design flexibility, as does a larger aluminum beam which eliminates the need for a machined steel structure. When the extra rigidity of a steel beam is required, all slides can be fitted and aligned using the keyway option with dowel pins.

Greater driving forces for heavier loads are achieved through various spur or helical rack and pinion options. The package is complemented by rack-driven carriages, automatic lubrication, and helical bevel gearboxes that can be driven by AC or servo motor.

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