Rotary Stage

The model DT 65-LM rotary stage from Steinmeyer, Inc. (Burlington, MA) measures a low 25mm high and 105mm long. It weighs only 0.35kg, but can support loads up to 80Newtons. Driven by a piezo linear motor, the stage has a positional accuracy of 0.015 degrees, repeatability of less than 0.003 degrees and a maximum surface run out of 20 μm. Speeds up to 360 degrees/sec and accelerations greater than 10000 degrees/sec² are achievable.

altThe stage is available with a direct reading incremental angular encoder with 3600 lines, yielding a resolution up to 409,600 counts per 360 degrees.

For free info., visit http://info.hotims.com/15144-306

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