A 25V synchronous buck converter DirectFET® MOSFET chipset from International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) is designed for point-of-load (POL) converter designs, and server, high-end desktop and notebook computer applications. It combines IR’s latest generation HEXFET® MOSFET silicon and benchmark DirectFET packaging technology to deliver a high density, single control and single synchronous MOSFET solution in an SO-8 footprint, with a slim 0.7 mm profile.

altThe IRF6710S2, IRF6795M and IRF6797M devices are characterized with very low on-resistance (RDS(on)) gate charge (Qg) and gate-to-drain charge (Qgd) to achieve increased efficiency and thermal performance, and enable operation in excess of 25A per phase. The IRF6710S2 is ideally suited as a control MOSFET due to the device’s very low gate resistance of 0.3 Ohms and very low charge (Qgd) of 3.0 nC.

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