Linear Positioning Stage

The DR (dual profile rail) positioning stages from H2W Technologies (Valencia, CA) provide travel lengths to 160in. (4m). These wide footprint (to 15.6 in/396 mm) brushless linear motor stages handle loads up to 442lb (200Kg), continuous force to 445lb (1978N), high resolution to 0.00004in.(1 micron), velocity up to 200in./s (25m/sec), and acceleration up to 9 G’s.

altThe stages are supplied with a non-contact, 3-phase brushless linear motors, commutated either sinusoidally or trapezoidally with Hall-effect sensors. Available options include matching servo amplifiers and controllers; a high-resolution, non-contact glass or metal scale optical encoder; or magnetic linear encoders with a reference mark for homing.

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