Rack-Mount Motion Controller

ACS Motion Control (Plymouth, MN) has developed a rack-mounted motion controller that delivers smooth motion control at high speeds, without compromising accuracy, for the most demanding applications. The SPiiPlus 3U uses custom algorithms to achieve precise motion control for a wide range of application parameters.

altThe SpiiPlus 3U can be integrated into the company’s MC4U rack mount control module to control up to eight motor drives. It supports point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave, and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation. The controller features third-order profile generation with on-the-fly velocity, acceleration, jerk and target position changes, and position event generator (PEG) with sub-microsecond delay to ensure smooth motion and accuracy, even at high-speeds.

The controller provides sub-nanometer resolution using optional Sin-Cos encoders with a multiplier factor of up to 65,536. It also features a high-rate interface with digital incremental encoders for all axes with dual loop options.

Optimized for motion control applications, ACS' software tools provide easy setup, tuning and programming and application simulation. The software enables the implementation of complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing.

For free info Visit http://info.hotims.com/15132-300

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