Brushless Motor Design Kit

Luminary Micro (Austin, TX) has introduced the Stellaris brushless DC motor control reference design kit, enabling designers without prior motor control experience to implement an advanced motor control system. The kit comprises a four-quadrant controller for three-phase brushless DC motors rated up to 36V, 500W, and 60,000RPM; CAN and Ethernet network interfaces; a 32-bit Stellaris microcontroller; and embedded software to control motors.

Inexperienced designers can successfully implement a sophisticated motor control system using the kit. The Stellaris LM3S8971 microcontroller, containing 256 Kbytes of single-cycle internal flash memory, handles all PWM synthesis, position, and analog sensing, as well as Ethernet and CAN networking. Only a few power ICs are needed to complete the design.

Built on a two-layer printed circuit board, the motor control circuit has an on-board braking circuit, optional fan, analog and digital control inputs, and screw terminals for power and signal wiring. Interrupt-driven embedded software provides four-quadrant operation for precise motor control using Hall effect, quadrature, or sensorless operation. The graphical control program allows users to experiment with varying drive parameters and observe the effect on motor performance.

For free info visit http://info.hotims.com/15128-300

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