Absolute Encoder

The Acuro(TM) AD34 and AD35 absolute encoders from Dynapar (Gurnee, IL) utilizes the company’s proven OptoASIC engine for reliable absolute positioning and speed feedback up to 10,000 RPM. This high-speed capability, coupled with an operating temperature range of up to 120°C, suits it for servomotors. In addition to its compact 37 mm diameter and short mounting depth, the encoder is available with a Mylar code disc capable of up to 17 bits of single-turn resolution.

altThe OptoASIC technology enables the user to transition to a digital drive system. The encoder will provide digital position data up to 17 bits over the BiSS interface with a variable clock rate up to 10 MHz. An integrated diagnostic system controls and regulates the data signals within the encoder. Maximum motor uptime is achieved through monitoring system errors or component aging, before they affect the encoder’s functionality. A code plausibility check guarantees that the output data always represents true position.

The encoder’s notched 6 mm shaft allows one-step mounting, simply by pressing it on the motor shaft and then securing a flexible tether or torque arm. The encoder has a traditional hub shaft that eliminates the need for flexible couplings.

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