Figure 2: The MCD EPOS P includes the functionality of a programmable logic controller with CANopen master.
Due to the opto-coupled configurable inputs and outputs, all kind of signals from the drive periphery can directly be connected, i.e. end switches or reference switches.

The MCD EPOS P 60W includes a PLC functionality with a CANopen master. Decentralized drives can be realized in a most simple manner. At the touch of a button, an autonomous movement may be executed, and at the same time local digital outputs and inputs can be set, read and used to control the program sequence. In addition, there is the possibility to create networks of multi-axis systems by means of the CANopen communication.

The programming of the integrated PLC complies with the international standard IEC 61131-3, as opposed to many other small drives which are programmed by some proprietary language. Free software tools and programming libraries are included.

Industrial Benefits

The advantages of the new solution for cutting the shrink film using the EPOS P 60 W include compact size, the built-in intelligence, and the strict application of industrial standards which simplify the integration and the flexible replacement of existing modules. This application example illustrates a typical and growing trend towards miniaturization. This trend can be found in drive technology as well where it is tackled by two strategies. In appliances made in larger quantities, the drive components are designed to fit into the overall system. Mechanical and electronic interfaces are adjusted precisely to match the application.

For example, the lead screw and the gearmotor may be one entity, or the motion control may be integrated into the electronic controller of the complete appliance. In the industrial field, modularization is very important, which means that compact drives are achieved by integrating motor, sensor and motion controller into one housing.

This article was written by Urs Kafader of Technical training, maxon motor in Switzerland. For more information, contact Maxon Precision Motor at 508-677-0520, or visit http://info.hotims.com/15140-326.

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