Aerobraking Maneuver (ABM) Report Generator

abmREPORT Version 3.1 is a Perl script that extracts vital summarization information from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) aerobraking ABM build process. This information facilitates sequence reviews, and provides a high-level summarization of the sequence for mission management.

The script extracts information from the ENV, SSF, FRF, SCMFmax, and OPTG files and burn magnitude configuration files and presents them in a single, easy-to-check report that provides the majority of the parameters necessary for cross check and verification during the sequence review process. This means that needed information, formerly spread across a number of different files and each in a different format, is all available in this one application. This program is built on the capabilities developed in dragReport and then the scripts evolved as the two tools continued to be developed in parallel.

This program was written by Forest Fisher, Roy Gladden, and Teerapat Khanampornpan of Caltech for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This software is available for commercial licensing. Please contact Karina Edmonds of the California Institute of Technology at (626) 395-2322. Refer to NPO-44382.

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