USMC6 is a Fortran 90 computer program for post-processing in support of visualization of flows simulated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The name “USMC6” is partly an abbreviation of “TetrUSS — USM3D Solution Cutter,” reflecting its origin as a post-processor for use with USM3D — a CFD program that is a component of the Tetrahedral Unstructured Software System and that solves the Navier-Stokes equations on tetrahedral unstructured grids. “Cutter” here refers to a capability to acquire and process solution data on (1) arbitrary planes that cut through grid volumes, or (2) user-selected spheroidal, conical, cylindrical, and/or prismatic domains cut from within grids. Cutting saves time by enabling concentration of post-processing and visualization efforts on smaller solution domains of interest.

The user can select from among more than 40 flow functions. The cut planes can be trimmed to circular or rectangular shape. The user specifies cuts and functions in a free-format input file using simple and easy-to-remember keywords. The USMC6 command line is simple enough that the slicing process can readily be embedded in a shell script for assembly-line post-processing. The output of USMC6 is a data file ready for plotting.

This program was written by S. Paul Pao of Langley Research Center. LAR-17527-1

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