Microbial-Based Lawn-Care, Pond-Care, and Cleaning Technologies

Proprietary microbial systems use naturally occurring microbes in lieu of chemicals in fertilizers, microbial inoculants, cleaning products, and pond treatments. Products are based on incorporating beneficial micro-organisms with a variety of task-specific organic surfactants, microbial nutrients, fertilizers, cleaning agents, and bio-polymers. The micro-organisms produce enzymes that continue to work even after cleaning, or — in the case of lawn and pond care — continue to make the soil or pond healthier even after fertilizing the plants or inoculating the water.

A variety of organic and natural pond formulations include pond clarifiers in delivery systems such as powders, liquids, and tablets. Aquatic Plant Supplements stimulate healthy growth and vibrant blooms without introducing excess phosphates and nitrates back into the aquatic ecosystem. Cleaners include an indoor and outdoor cleaner, stain remover, glass cleaner, degreaser, odor eliminator, and a dual-action emergency drain cleaner. Cleaners contain organic surfactants, cleaning agents, and the microbial bio-catalysts.

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