Exact Dose Dispensing Closure for Semi-Solids

Even though the closure is able to dispense grainy material, as well as liquids, it is ideally suited for semi-viscous fluids. While current closures are small, the technology can also be applied in larger applications.

The dose to be dispensed can be adjusted by changing the size of the charging chamber diameter, or using a different sized bead. Should the re quired dose exceed these adjustment parameters, a new mold has to be made to produce a larger closure. In doing so, the closure can be made to fit any size tube or opening. A negligent amount of compound is retained in the closure after usage.

The chamber is made of polypropylene, the frame of the chamber is made of polyethylene, and the plastic bead contained in the chamber can be made of either material. The other pieces of the closure are not in direct contact with the medicinal product, so there are no risks of interaction between the formulation and the packaging materials.

This technology is offered by the Licensing Technology Network. For more information, view the yet2.com TechPak at http://info.hotims.com/22930-152.

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