Digital Wound Measurement and Tracking System

This Web-based platform tracks, documents, and measures the efficacy of wound treatments.

Historically, the subjective nature of wound treatment has lead to many trial-and-error therapies to match wounds with the right treatment. The WoundMatrix™ digital wound measurement and tracking system provides an objective and qualitative tool and method to track, document, and measure the efficacy of wound treatments.

altThe platform allows users to quickly and precisely measure the exact length, width, and surface area of wounds, rather than relying on data entry of manual measurements. It helps to standardize the measurement protocol so that measurement data can produce accurate and meaningful patient and outcome reporting.

Via access to a digital picture of a wound, the Measurement Software Component allows a user to use a pen tool or mouse to trace and instantaneously obtain precise length, width, and surface area measurements. The length and width measurements are calculated realtime as the user drags the pen tool or mouse over the digital wound image. Surface area is immediately obtained once the user has traced the complete perimeter of the wound edge.

The Measurement Software Component reduces the time to measure a wound and the time to record wound measurements either manually or through data entry. Further, it provides a standardized protocol to reduce or eliminate manual measurement errors, inconsistencies, and omissions.

WoundMatrix offers five major reports, including individual patient information, patient and practice information, information aggregated from all patients and all practices within a provider network, or any subset. Outcome tracking reports can help organizations observe and understand the statistics and trends that comprise or improve wound care; evaluate performance at individual, practice, and corporate levels; derive medical recommendations; and identify particularly successful treatment regimes, protocols, practices, and providers.

WoundMatrix Web Enterprise is a browser-based digital wound measurement and documentation platform for groups that treat and document patients who have wounds, as well as for organizations that monitor or have wound populations. It provides professional reports that document the progression of wound healing. The reports integrate all patient and wound information into one record that is available online and is accessible from any location with Internet (or internal network) access. One significant advantage over client-server based software is that the Web version of the platform integrates an easily deployable and maintainable administrative system: administrators can assign up to four different user permission levels to enable or disenable users from accessing, adding, modifying, viewing, or printing data. This allows for appropriate access by different departments and/or appropriate personnel, as well as for user tracking with records and data to help protect patient privacy. Major features of the software include:

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