Video Recording Server

Videology Imaging Solutions, Greenville, RI, offers the 60SV12VA-B single-channel server that enables users to upgrade existing analog cameras to be IP-addressable and record remotely onto an SD card. The server incorporates the Extended-Recording System (ERS) firmware to allow for continuous or triggered video recording and rerecording of up to 16 GB of MJPEG video, without data loss. The server can record simultaneously and independently, and eliminates the need to cable back to the head end. Data can be stored and secured separately.

The ERS firmware allows for expedited playback instead of sorting through multiple DVR files. Based on FAT 12/FAT 16/FAT 32 protocols at the lowest I/O levels, the system creates large, contiguous files of the maximum permissible size. It also offers alarm in/out and reset; alarm notice via FTP, SMTP, and SD record; audio one-way line level input; RS-485 control; and composite video loop-through.

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