Digital 3D Cameras

Baumer, Southington, CT, offers the TZG01 digital 3D cameras for robotic guidance and material handling/logistics systems. Equipped with an integrated Time of Flight sensor, the cameras deliver spatial capture of objects and components. The cameras provide data on target dimensions and position with a single snapshot that captures and displays both a distance and a grayscale image. The cameras feature frame rates to 54 fps, and acquisition range of 0.3 to 5 meters. They integrate lens, sensor, and LED into an IP67-rated housing suitable for harsh environments exposed to moisture and particulate contamination.

altThe cameras are equipped with standard Ethernet that delivers data on cables as long as 100 meters, and a single-cable Power over Ethernet interface where both data and power run on a single Ethernet cable. Applications include robotic pick-and-place systems, automated material handling lines, volume/area identification, part location and positioning, and collision detection.

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