CMOS Camera

Photron, San Diego, CA, offers the Fastcam SA4 high-speed CMOS sensor that provides 3,600 frames per second operation at 1024 × 1024 pixel resolution. The camera offers frame rates at up to 500,000 frames per second at reduced resolution. It is designed for applications in which extreme light sensitivity, high dynamic range, and image quality with low noise are critical. The camera is available with an RS-422 remote control keypad with built-in 5" LCD viewfinder. The camera features a variable region of interest with 12-bit uncompressed data, a one-microsecond global shutter, and 20-micron pixels for low-light, high-speed applications.

altMemory options include 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB. Composite and SDI video output via the Gigabit Ethernet interface offers real-time monitoring during setup, recording, and playback. The camera is available with an optional sealed, ruggedized housing for conditions where external fans cannot be used.

For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/22932-128

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