Brushless AC Motor

The DynaMotor™ from DynaMotors (Dayton, OH) is a patented high performance brushless AC motor providing integrated control of speed, torque and direction. With innovative new solid-state light technology and high torque motor design, the DynaMotor delivers accurate control while offering advantages not possible with traditional motors. Precision speed control is provided by LED arrays controlling solid-state switches embedded in the rotor. The motor design delivers reduced installation time and costs, GFCI circuit compatibility, and the elimination of additional gearboxes or speed reducers; all with virtually zero RFI/EMI interference.

altThe single-phase variable-speed DynaMotor produces high torque at low speeds and delivers motor/drive solutions from 1/4 to 2 horsepower. By integrating a variable-speed controller with a high torque motor in one package, the need for gearboxes, speed reducers and an inverter can be eliminated.

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