Tape Backup Systems Help NASA Archive Enterprise Data

Spectra® T950 tape libraries
Spectra Logic Federal
Boulder, CO

NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA, installed two Spectra® T950 tape libraries with LTO-4 drives and media, which together offer approximately 20,000 data storage slots and up to 32 petabytes of storage capacity, with data compression. By replacing multiple, outdated silos, NASA Ames has freed more than 1,400 square feet of valuable data center floor space.

After a nine-month evaluation period, NASA Ames contractor CSC of Falls Church, VA, selected Spectra Logic Federal to address its high-performance computing (HPC) enterprise archive needs. The T950 tape library units include new library management features and functionality for NASA, and were selected based on support, features (lifecycle management of media, assisted self-maintenance, encryption), density, and short time to production.

The T950 library supplies a one-step encryption and backup process called BlueScale Encryption that protects data using federally approved AES-256 encryption while backing up data. The system also uses BlueScale Environ - ment, a software solution built into the tape libraries that provides self-monitoring to simplify overarching data center management.

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