Analog Input Data Acquisition Software

DAQ Master Software allows users to easily set up a system to monitor up to five analog input channels and save the data after acquisition. This program was written in LabVIEW 8.0, and requires the LabVIEW runtime engine 8.0 (free download from National Instruments; ni.com) to run the executable. A DAQ card must be installed in the computer for this program to work correctly, and it must have up to five analog input channels. The user can set the channel configuration, and other channel details, from the setup tab after the program has begun.

A Setup tab holds all information for the channels that will be used for data acquisition, and allows the user to save or upload the settings for future use by writing or reading a configuration file. The Data Acquisition tab is where the commands to acquire, stop, and save data are located, and where the data will be displayed. The user can choose to display scaled or un-scaled data while acquisition is taking place.

This work was done by Ellen Arens of Kennedy Space Center. For more information, visit http://www.openchannelsoftware.com/projects/Analog_Input_Data_Acquisition for a free download. KSC-13203

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