Pyrotechnic Simulator/Stray-Voltage Detector

The concept for a dual test item has been developed for use in simulating live initiators/detonators during ground testing to verify the proper operation of the safing and firing circuitry for ground and flight systems ordnance as well as continuous monitoring for any stray voltages. Previous ordnance simulators have consisted of fuses, flash bulbs, inert devices with bridge wires, and actual live ordnance items mounted in test chambers. Stray voltage detectors have included devices connected to the firing circuits for continuous monitoring and a final no-voltage test just prior to ordnance connection. The purpose of this combined ordnance simulation and stray-voltage detection is to provide an improved and comprehensive method to ensure the ordnance circuitry is verified safe and operational. This work was done by Terry Greenfield of ASRC Aerospace Corp. for Kennedy Space Center. For further information, contact the Kennedy Innovative Partnerships Program Office at (321) 861-7158. KSC-13282

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