Innovative Cooling Technology for Circuit Boards with LED Lights

Advanced Solid State Lighting (SSL) is a technology that enables the use of LED lights in cost-sensitive applications where cooling of the LED is needed. One limitation that has hindered LED light designs in commercial applications is the cooling of the LEDs when used in the continuous duty of commercial applications. This patent-pending solution for cooling LEDs should advance the penetration of LED designs into the commercial and industrial lighting market.

SSL allows for design flexibility to scale the number of LEDs needed for an application. It uses current manufacturing methods and processes from the electronics industry, and the cooling concept can be applied to other PCB applications. SSL provides enough cooling that fans or heat sinks are not required. LED operating temperatures can be reduced by 20°F or more.

SSL helps meet government-mandated energy reduction goals for large corporate buildings, and achieves longer life than current high bay lights.

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