Single-Motion Extension Mechanism for Poles

Originally developed and marketed as an extension pole for painting, light bulb changing, and similar operations, the single-motion extension principle in this technology is adaptable to any rod or pole that must be extended and retracted to a compact length. It applies to extendable antennae; tent poles; emergency equipment such as stretchers, cots, or IV poles; tools; robotic arms; or surgical instruments that must extend and retract once in the body.

The internal mechanism uses a metal tape similar to that in a retractable tape measure that pushes on the extending tube. The mechanism may be hand-operated or motorized, but either way, a single motion extends the pole. The internal, contained mechanism of the extension pole provides a singlemotion extension to about three times the collapsed length of the assembly. The assembly can be fabricated in a variety of materials in a variety of tensile and compression strengths in multiple segments. The assembly can scale up to greater lengths or be miniaturized to suit the application.

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