Real-Time Dogfight Guiding System

Successful performance of BFM (Basic Flight Maneuvers) presents the greatest challenge facing combat pilots. Acquiring and maintaining the required skills for dogfights is a long, complicated and costly process. The solution is a system that provides automatic assessment of a situation and automatic recommendation guidance to the pilot. Re c - ommended guidance on the Helmet Mounted Sight/Head Up Display Solution allows different BFM methods and simulates activation of various missiles.

The software performs accurate, real-time situation assessment and provides a dynamic guidance to the pilot. These guidance and recommendations will help to enhance the performance of the crew during the participation in a closein maneuvering air combat training. A data link provides real-time relevant data of the trainer aircraft. Aircraft and weapon system performance and limits are input to system software. The system provides constant assessment of the BFM, and a unique algorithm analyzes and provides the realtime solution.

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