Ruggedized Micro Spectrometer Module

Mutoh America Inc.

Developed originally for color-matching inks on digital printers, Mutoh’s spectrometer modules offer a plug-in solution that carries its own ADC, MCU, and memory onboard. These devices employ an optical system different from most other spectrometers sold today: Mutoh’s patent-pending DP1 “digital prism” spectral sensor. This sensor replaces the traditional slit/grating/imager design with a single spectral imaging chip in a 1 × 9-mm footprint. Current designs can deliver 3-nanometer resolution with >4000:1 dynamic range and low signal-to-noise ratio. Deconvolution of the raw sensor data is handled by the integrated logic, delivering calibrated spectral data without the need for a back-end processor. These modules are rugged, highly customizable, low-cost even in small volumes, and offer a high degree of design versatility.

The modules incorporate a 12-bit analog-digital converter, temperature sensor, voltage regulator, onboard 8-MHz oscillator and PLL synthesizer, real-time clock/calendar, 16-bit MCU with 40 MIPS performance, and up to 16K of SRAM and 128K of EEPROM.

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