InGaAs Camera/Detector Line

The Nunavut™ InGaAs Camera/Detector Line from BaySpec (Fremont, CA) enables low light spectroscopy in the near-infrared region. Optimal cooling of the detector allows for improved low-light spectral measurements, offering an improvement of >250× signal/noise performance.

altThe Nunavut™ InGaAs Detector Line features real-time spectral data acquisition and is available in 900-1700 nm, 1100-2200 nm, and 1250-2500 nm linear array configurations. Hermetic/vacuum-sealing ensures reliable operation in harsh environments. The Nunavut features a single 5 volt power supply design and is “soft” cooled to -20°C, or deep air cooled to -55°C (optional water cooling to -90°C).

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