PIXCI SI1 Frame Grabber

altEPIX (Buffalo Grove, IL) has introduced a PIXCI SI1 frame grabber that allows image and control data transfer with minimal buffering over any PCI Express slot for low latency image capture and analysis. Featuring 190 MB/sec sustained data transfer rates and burst transfers at 250 MB/sec, the PIXCI SI1 captures images over a software- selectable pixel clock range of 25-70 MHz (typical). Higher pixel clock frequencies offer faster frame rates, shorter exposure times, and cable lengths up to 8 meters. Lower pixel clock frequencies enable slower frame rates, longer exposure times, and the use of longer cables. Bit packing allows more images to be captured to memory or hard drive; 12-bit images are reduced in size by 25 percent, while 10-bit images are reduced by 37.5 percent. The frame grabber supports 64-bit memory addressing for writing long-duration image sequences into terabytes of memory.

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