Machine Vision Software

altCognex Corporation (Natick, MA) has introduced a new release of VisionPro®, its hardware-independent machine vision software. Vision- Pro 6.1 includes support for Microsoft® Windows 7 and offers line scan distortion correction that eliminates horizontal lens distortion and equalizes pixel width across the sensor. The software also makes calibrating line scan cameras easier by generating the required data using a set of lines from a still object. Analog and Camera Link frame grabbers are compatible with Windows 7 in VisionPro 6.1, and FireWire DCAM and GigE vision drivers have been updated for Windows 7 compatibility. VisionPro 6.1 also introduces ToolBlock, an enhancement to ToolGroup. It adds new features such as Drag & Drop Terminal, a graphical method for linking multiple vision tools, and Simple Script, which reduces the amount of scripting needed to set up complex applications.

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