Electron and Ion-Beam Microscope System

altFEI (Hillsboro, OR) has introduced the Helios NanoLab™ x50 DualBeam™ Series, which integrates FEI's extreme high-resolution scanning electron microscope (XHR SEM) with a high-performance focused ion beam (FIB) to deliver imaging and milling capability. The Tomahawk FIB provides SEM and FIB live monitoring of milling operations, a smaller FIB spot for more precise milling control, as well as higher beam currents for faster material removal on large structures, such as through silicon vias (TSVs). The Helios 405(S) series is designed for semiconductor labs that require shrinking dimensions at sub-32 nm nodes and TEM imaging. The Helios 650 is designed for academic and industrial research centers that conduct advanced material characterization and modification down to the single nanometer scale.

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