High-Speed Cameras

altPhotron, San Diego, CA, has introduced Range Version (RV) hardware that extends the normal operating temperature range of Fast-cam SA5 and SA2 cameras. The RV option includes two serviceable external fans that direct cooling air over the sealed camera body, stabilizing the operating temperature in harsh environments. The SA5 camera provides up to 7,500 fps at reduced resolution, and has a 12-bit, monochrome, 36-bit RGB color sensor that features 20-micron square pixels. The SA2 is a 12-bit, four-megapixel CMOS camera that delivers up to 1,000 fps at full pixel resolution (2K × 2K) and 1080 HDTV resolution up to 2,000 fps. This system is available with either a PL lens or a B4 lens mount.

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