Thermal Imaging Processor

altThe combination of a ThermoViewTM Pi20 process imager and DataTemp® Pi (DTPi) software from Raytek®, Santa Cruz, CA, provides real-time viewing, archiving, and playback of both online and off-line thermal images. Featuring an IP54 rating, the fixed-mounted ThermoView Pi20 operates in two temperature ranges: -40 to 500 °C and 200 to 2000 °C. For each temperature range, two lens options are available: 21.7 × 16° or 30 × 22°. The ThermoView Pi20 provides networking over distances using a standard Ethernet interface, which transmits up to 30 frames per second. The DataTemp Pi software supports up to 16 Pi20 cameras simultaneously in a single software package, where each camera can have up to 192 process alarms to be assigned as relay outputs. The software interfaces to remote I/O modules and can be employed as triggering inputs, allowing for file saving.

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