CCD Cameras

altIDS Imaging Development Systems, Woburn, MA, offers the UI-2280 (USB) and UI-6280 (GigE) series CCD cameras that feature the Sony sensor ICX-655 with a 5-megapixel resolution. The uEye models combine the performance of a global shutter sensor with a high image resolution. The 3.45-μm pixels of the CCD sensor ensure high light sensitivity. The USB version of the UI-2280 transfers 6.5 frames per second, and the UI-6280 models with GigE achieve 8.5 and 10 frames per second, respectively. In trigger mode, all cameras achieve the same speed as in freerun mode. Higher frame rates are possible when an AOI (Area of Interest) is set or binning (horizontal and vertical) is used. The 2⁄3" size makes the cameras suitable for microscopy applications. The cameras are available with housing options in color and monochrome versions. Several options for the filter glass in front of the sensor are available.

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