ZPrinter 3D Printers

Z Corporation, Burlington, MA, has introduced the ZPrinter® 150 monochrome and ZPrinter® 250 multicolor commercial-class 3D printers. The printers feature resolution of 300 × 450 dpi, minimum feature size of 0.016", vertical build speed of 0.8"/hour, and build size of 9.3 × 7.3 × 5". The printers are able to print multiple, stacked models simultaneously, and the ZPrinter 250 can simultaneously print in multiple colors. Both printers feature automatic setup, automatic powder loading, snap-in binder cartridges, intuitive control panel, and self-monitoring of materials and print status. They are free of hazardous waste, and feature closed-loop powder loading, removal, and recycling. They are compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® XP Professional, and Windows Vista®

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