Rotary Sensor

Piher North America (Libertyville, IL) offers the MTS 360 SMD rotary position sensor that combines a through-shaft design with 360° absolute position feedback in an ultra-miniature size. The non-contacting sensor measures 6 × 17 × 18 mm, and features reliability to 50 million cycles. The sensor can be integrated on a PCB, and incorporates Hall Effect technology. The offset through-hole accommodates the vacuum pickup tool, allowing use in automated SMD assembly systems. The standard model features a 4-mm double D-flat shaft, and an 8-pad SMD footprint that is compatible in most reflow soldering systems.

altThe sensor offers electrical angles up to 360° with no dead band. Rated for use at -40 to 150 °C, it can operate up to 300 RPM and can be programmed with full-scale output with angles shorter than 360°. Output is selectable among analog, PWM 12 bits, or Serial Protocol (SPI) at 14 bits, and includes a second output channel to provide a programmable switch signal.

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