Tilt Sensor Switches

NKK Switches (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced the DSB Series of mercury-free tilt sensor switches. The through-hole, PCB-mounted devices use a photo interrupter for sensitivity to very small angle changes. The switches contain two solid-state devices: an infrared light-emitting diode and a photo transmitter. A nickel-plated ball rests at the focus point when the switch is level. The internal ball movement allows 360° circumference rotation. The switch is triggered when tilted beyond ±30° from horizontal.

altThe switches feature sealed construction for protection from environmental elements, including hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen hydroxide. Terminals are made of ammonia-resistant material and are crimped to ensure secure PCB mounting and prevent dislodging during wave soldering. The switches can be operated with right-angle or straight PC terminals.

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