Linear Motor Stages

Dover, a Danaher Motion Co. (Salem, NH), has introduced the MMG Mini-Mag linear motor stages available in four models that deliver 25, 50, 100, and 150-mm travel. They provide uncompensated accuracy ranging from 2 um to 8 um, and resolution ranging from 1.0 um to 5 nm. Each model delivers repeatability to ±0.4 um and is rated for 8 kg load capacity. Features include an integral anti-creep linear guideway that eliminates the need for homing moves typically required to reset standard crossed roller bearing retainer cages.

altThe stages also feature adjustable limits and an integrated feedback mechanism. The stages leverage a standard 3-phase brushless motor to enable control with various OTS drives and controllers. The stages can be used in constant-velocity or high-throughput point-topoint applications.

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