Servo Amplifier

altSanyo Denki America (Torrance, CA) offers the SANMOTION R high-speed EtherCAT interface AC servo amplifier that provides 100 Mbps communication. Multi-function software includes a motion simulation function that runs the same codes as the actual amplifier, allowing it to go directly from simulation to live usage without reprogramming. The amplifier does not require an interface board or additional hardware, and is connected with Ethernet cables to the Ethernet port of a PC. EtherCAT communication provides the ability to place both input and output data in the same data frame area to decrease communication cycle time. The device includes two inputs and two outputs; output capacities of 15A, 30A, and 50A; and input voltage of AC200V. It is compatible with AC servomotors of up to 1.5kw. Protocol is CANOpen over EtherCAT.

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