Programmable Linear Actuator

The Series 500 programmable linear actuator from Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) offers an expanded range of performance in generating high loads, longer life, increased duty cycles, higher speed, and programmability. Load capacities range up to 550 lb for in-line configurations, with parallel configurations ranging up to 1,000 lb and offering stroke lengths from 2 to 24 in.

altThe actuator is designed to be configured with stepper or servo motors and controls, supplied either as a complete system or simply with just a motor. Ball screw-driven designs are available for continuous high-speed, high cycle rate applications and can operate at speeds up to 25 in. /sec.

T-slot extrusions accommodate adjustable limit switches. The actuator offers an optional linear position sensor that provides programmable positioning and verification feedback for both parallel and higher speed in-line configurations.

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