Available in various versions, the LM76 linear motion system from LM76 (East Longmeadow, MA) features high-speed travel to 10 m/sec and acceleration to 50 m/sec2, and load capabilities to 1,259 lb. The low-cost, precision dual rail system can mount vertically or horizontally.

The SG is available in lengths to 13 ft, seven rail sizes, and 21 block sizes and configurations. The OSG system comes in four rail and rolling block sizes. The stable, wide base EL300B is available in lengths to 9.8 ft. The low-profile LRBS (single-shaft) and LRBT (twin-shaft) linear rail systems offer high speed, high stiffness, and adjustable preload. The Defender Rail has adjustable preload and is available in lengths to 10.2 ft.

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