Avionics Databus to Promote Systems Integration on Orion Vehicle

TTTech North America
Carlsbad, CA

TTEthernet, a high-bandwidth databus developed by TTTech and Honeywell, will be deployed on Orion, the Earth crew entry vehicle scheduled to make its first flights within the next few years, as part of NASA’s Constellation program to send human explorers back to the moon, Mars, and other destinations in the solar system. Orion, launched atop an Ares I rocket, will be capable of carrying crew and cargo to the International Space Station. The spacecraft will rendezvous with a lunar landing module and an Earth departure stage in low-Earth orbit to carry crews to the Moon using advanced technologies, including TTEthernet. The high-bandwidth avionic databus capability will allow it to support future technology insertion as the Constellation program progresses.

altTTEthernet offers scalable real-time communication and TCP/IP Ethernet traffic in parallel on the same network, enabling the integration of standard Ethernet controllers and implementation of hardware or software. It is designed for growth because it scales from purely software-based, real-time Ethernet control solutions to demanding redundant networked applications.

TTEthernet can be integrated with certified and production-proven, time-triggered services to support the rapid integration of various network technologies at a lower total lifecycle cost. It is compatible with the Ethernet standard, and off-the-shelf components comply with IEEE 802.3.

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