Emergency Notification System Enables Coordinated Communication Across Facilities

The Communicator! NXT emergency
  notification system
PlantCML, an EADS North America company
Franklin, TN

NASA will use PlantCML’s Communicator! NXT emergency notification system to improve its communication and incident response capabilities.

altDuring emergency scenarios, including security threats, fires, inclement weather, evacuations, and building lockdowns, the communication system will enable authorized NASA personnel to deliver critical information and instruction using multiple communication devices: landlines, cell phones, smart phones, pagers, and e-mails, for example.

To capture contact information for its thousands of employees, contractors, and visitors, NASA will use PlantCML’s Self Registration Portal (SRP). Additionally, individuals entering a NASA facility will be asked to provide their cell phone number so that they are able to receive voice or text messages during an emergency event.

PlantCML’s host facilities provide the notification infrastructure, as well as application resiliency and data redundancy capabilities.

PlantCML also supplies NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center with its Sentinel emergency call processing product, a tool that has enabled the facility’s 9-1-1 call-taking and dispatch processes. The Sentinel offerings include automatic number identification and automatic location identification (ANI/ALI), single-button call transfers, extensive speed dial, call conference, and dynamic status update of all active calls.

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