Low-Cost “Green” Coatings Modify Metal Surfaces


Greenkote coating technology is a coating method for steel and other metals that can replace a range of existing coating methods. The coating is environmentally friendly, and it is applicable to a range of base materials. In the process, parts are introduced to a rotating oven, along with powder. The powder content and the thermal cycle define the characteristics of the coating and surface. Atoms of the desired metal diffuse into the surface of the part, growing the coating from within the surface. The Greenkote technology has the following advantages over regular diffusion coatings: uses 90% less powder, uses 50% less energy and thermal cycle time, and there is a virtually infinite number of possible coatings.

The technology is used in anticorrosion coatings for carbon steels, low alloy steels, and cast irons, as well as coatings promoting adhesion and those suitable for bonding either rubber or polyurethane to steel. Other applications are wearresistant coatings and high-temperature, oxidation-resistant coatings that also provide resistance to erosion, wear, and metal-to-metal seizing.

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