PicoEndo Tethered Endoscope

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The PicoEndo endoscope is the smallest tethered endoscope in the world (4.5mm × 12.0mm). It is also inexpensive enough to use and discard. The PicoEndo system is applicable to medical tasks such as photographing the surface of the esophagus, and to applications in any industry that needs to place a tiny electronic camera eye in a location that is difficult to view. It can be adapted to optical biopsy by changing its lighting mix. Because of its tether, which also acts as an electronic connection and steering cable, the body does not have to contain batteries, memory, or processing electronics.

PicoEndo currently uses a camera and lens system 2.55 mm across, but a system about half that size is under development. The unit is small enough for even children to swallow easily without sedation. The attached electronic tether string allows the camera capsule to be withdrawn or steered after it has entered as far as the operator needs. The tether connects PicoEndo to a special signal processing unit that in turn connects to a standard office PC. The 30 fps video signal can be processed into a 3D image.

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