Innovative Aluminum Flat Solar Collector

The most important feature of this solar collector is the technical solution where the heat-absorbing surface is the same as the heat-transferring surface, which results in the highest heat performance and efficiency. There is no mediatory unit between the heat-transferring surface of the absorber and the heating agent. That means no galvanic corrosion, which would work as insulation. The main unit of this system is the hot-pressed and uniquely alloyed aluminum plate profile, designed especially for this purpose. In the profile, shallow channels for liquid are formed and they are fastened to each other in parallel at a certain distance. The tips of the profiles are led in to the distributing or collecting pipes supplying them with an ideal capacity of 1.7 liters and the two necessary inputs and outputs.

The second most important feature of this solar collector is the homogenous alloyed aluminum made and used for this design. It has heat conductivity of 235 W/m °C, and is also weatherproof, non-corrosive, light, and easy to assemble.

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