In a new series, the editors of NASA Tech Briefs magazine catch up with everyday engineers about their unique responsibilities and challenges. This week, we highlight fellow reader and product engineer of filtration products, Chander Saini.

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Chander Saini, Product Engineer, Parker Hannifin Corp.


Where do you work?

I work for a company called Parker Hannafin, and the division is Racor. We’re in Modesto, CA, and we manufacture fuel filtration systems, primarily diesel.

What are your day-to day responsibilities?

My title is Product Engineer, and I basically oversee the ongoing production of filter products. If there are any issues, I get involved with suppliers or in-house processing. I play a part in the line operations, tool design fixtures, and so forth, the materials and all the processes involved in putting together these products.

What other roles are you playing?

There’s cost-estimating, hands-on activities with the day-to-day production, and lean programs, which enable us to build products more efficiently, quickly, and cheaply. There’s training, procedure writing, updating drawings and so forth.

What are you working on now?

We’re making design improvements on some existing products. For example, in the filter family that I’m responsible for, we have a situation where a seal is not performing to our satisfaction, and to the customer’s satisfaction, so I’m basically re-engineering the seal design and the interfacing components to provide for a better seal, in conjunction with a check valve.

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