NI PXIe-5186 digitizer

altNational Instruments, Austin, TX, has released the NI PXIe-5186 digitizer, co-developed with Tektronix, Beaverton, OR. The unit achieves up to 5 GHz bandwidth and 12.5 GS/s sample rates. The NI PXIe-5185 delivers 3 GHz bandwidth and 12.5 GS/s sample rate. Both digitizers incorporate Tektronix oscilloscope ASICs for high-speed signal acquisition with low noise and high linearity, and are based on the IBM 7HP SiGe process. The 500 fs RMS integrated jitter of the digitizers results in a 5.5 effective number of bits (ENOB) at 5 GHz. NI technology delivers high-data throughput for faster test execution and multimodule timing and synchronization for building high-channel-count, integrated test systems. Designed for the 3U PXI Express platform, the digitizers can stream at rates as fast as 700 MB/s, and synchronize channels on multiple modules to within 160 ps resolution. The digitizers work with NI LabVIEW graphical design software for instrument control and automation, the NI LabWindows™/CVI ANSI C software development environment, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development tools for a range of programming options.

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