Bandpass Filters


REO (Boulder, CO) currently offers bandpass filters for operation in the visible (380nm — 760nm), near infrared (600nm — 1100nm), and mid-infrared (1.3μm — 2.6μm) spectral ranges. Nominal bandwidth is 1% (FWHM) of the center wavelength, with a peak transmission of 60% and a linearity of ±0.5%. The filters can be delivered on a wide array of optical glass, fused silica, as well as other substrate materials in the 3 × 1.5mm (L x W) to 150 × 65mm size range. Short wave pass and long wave pass edge filters are also available over the same spectral range and substrate sizes. Filters are fabricated using ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology in order to minimize scatter and absorption.

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